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Monday, August 1, 2011

NEW TOIZ - Drugstore rock / Blueberry hill 1980c JAY DEE 7" (Hamilton, On)

NEW TOIZ - Drugstore rock / Blueberry hill 198? JAY DEE 7"
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  1. Super cool to find this on the net. Thanks

  2. Very interesting seeing this. I was the rhythm guitarist for this band. Though from Hamilton, we recorded this in a small studio in Georgetown in the fall of 1981.

  3. Thanx for your comment.
    other info about the band would be really appreciated!

  4. New Toiz was formed in the early/mid 70s. Leader of the band was lead guitarist Larry Spiak. Also on guitar was Craig Jaffries. Hugh Lee on bass, John MacDougall on drums and Pete Cushenan on vocals. As the 70s came to an end, Craig Jaffries leaves the band and they continue on as a foursome. Although there are numerous original tunes, New Toiz covered at lot of Led Zeppelin. (Larry Spiak went on to play for both Presence and The White, Led Zeppelin cover bands) The band is managed by the drummer's dad. In 1981, rhythm guitarist Bruce Button joins the band. Larry and Hugh leave the line-up in 1982 and are replaced, respectively, by Mark Stengel (guitar) and Motz Orrico (bass). The band's music direction also shifts from a heavy metal sound to a rockabilly sound (lots of Stray Cats cover material). The group disbands in 1983.

    A somewhat semi-reunion takes place in 1990 with original singer Pete Cushenan, joined by Bruce, Mark & Motz. John MacDougall's spot is filled by drummer Bill Majoros. This time the musical direction leans towards John Cougar Mellencamp, and the band calls it quits two years later.

    In the 2000s, original member Craig Jaffries teams up with vocalist Pete Cushenan to record and play some gigs with his band called Wrongfully Dismissed.