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Saturday, January 26, 2013

DRAMA - Loneliness 1979 PSYCHO LP (Toronto)

DRAMA - Loneliness 1979  PSYCHO LP
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This one has probably already been posted somewhere else but i think is well worth re-posting it.


  1. I stumbled upon this fine blog by coinsidence and altho i don't care for most of the records you have posted i take my hat of for your devotion to oddities from the Canadian plains. Keep up your good work Sir and many thanks for hooking me up with Creef and Magik, i found both albums to be surprisingly good.

  2. Thank you for your nice words and keep following the blog for more obscurities.

  3. Loneliness, despite its title, is an album with a warm heart of wires and at its core is the long-term musical friendship between Don Stagg and Eric Simpson. The duo formely recorded epic home-baked prog under the name VIIth Temple, releasing one hideously rare burnt-orange LP release soaked in gentle Moog, Mellotron and Giant. On Loneliness the pair traded in their plumes, velvet and epic jam band for thin ties and a cheap drum-machine. The LP still carries a whiff of patchouli, but the sound stings of solder and electricity, and inhabits a nascent zone somewhere between krautrock and new-wave. The vocals are all clustered on the a-side, starting with an ode to the inefficiency of the T.T.C. (some things never change!). The dystopian sci-fi themes are par for the League, a highlight is love ballad “Anna King” that sounds like it could be an outtake from Trans. The instrumentals on the b-side feel decidedly more Teutonic, and have a certain CBC charm that sounds like JP Decerf recording for Parry Music. The side even opens with a slinky stoned Pink Panther. About the loneliest thing about this album is the incredible cover photo. Don Stagg told me that he climbed up on a rooftop in St. James Town to take a photo for the sleeve when he came across a young man doing crack. The man was surprisingly obliging and Don snapped this evocative photo as night fell over the cold city. Take hold of this preserved slice of Ontario sprawl if ever you get the chance, it’ll probably surprise you to know how little has changed in all these years.
    Lyrics By – Phil Buckley (tracks: A1)
    Written-By – Don Stagg (tracks: A1 To A6, B2 To B6), Eric Simpson (2) (tracks: A1 To A6, B2 To B6), Henry Mancini (tracks: B1).